The Best Running Headphones (NOT Earbuds)

Running Headphones
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Oh, Apple earbuds. I loathe you. OK, ANY earbuds: here’s my open letter to you in a nutshell. You are not my friends.

I have never been successful at sporting earbud headphones in general. In fact, I kind of fail at it.

Don’t get me wrong — I’ve tried. They don’t fit in my ears, so I can’t enjoy my music without shoving them back in after I’m walking to class and they fly out. I can’t go more than 15 seconds without adjusting them! I’m mostly talking about the Apple ones (the old model), but other brands of earbuds don’t seem to be much better when I try them on.

Am I missing something, or is it just my ears?

Photo on 2014-02-26 at 15.53 #3

Why is this an issue? I just want to runnnn and not worry about fussing with my headphones.

The reason I ask is because obviously they’re a staple for my long runs and half-marathon training routine. I completely gave up on the earbuds and switched to wrap-around headphones, which are fantastic, so I want to plug these in. They’re amazing running headphones, especially if you have the earbud problem I do (why do I feel like that’s my fault?)

Running Headphones

These are Philips ActionFit Neckband Headphones (Model SHQ4000/28) and they have been the only babies that have endured the hundreds of miles I’ve run this past year. They’re exceptional.

The pros? They don’t fall out of my ears, they have amazing sound quality, they’re sweatproof and  did I mention they STAY IN MY EARS? Cause they do. And they were less than $30 on Amazon, too. They also work the best for me because I run with my iPhone in my hand (weird, I know) and don’t use an armband, but I can’t see why using an armband would be an issue with these, either. They’re great.

The only con I can think of is that sometimes I sweat so much that I can’t hear the music as well and the buds slide around. I guess you can’t expect them to stay put if that’s the case.

Unfortunately, I tend to be lazy sometimes taking care of fragile items such as headphones, sunglasses, etc., so of course I stepped on them this week by accident. They half work now. However, I realized how much of a staple they’ve been for my long runs and am definitely purchasing another pair. Just wanted to share incase you’re sick of unreliable earbuds for long runs!

What kind of headphones do you use for exercising/working out?

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