Athens (Ohio) Half Marathon Recap

TGIF. But really though. Today is the last day I will ever have college classes. The end of an era! But it’s not about that. I need to talk about my latest race a few weeks back because it went really well!

Athens Half Marathon

I PRed! I went around 1:45:00 for this race, beating my previous time of 1:49:56. I’m definitely proud of myself because I did struggle toward mile 9 and 10. There weren’t any hills on this course though — it was completely flat. Regardless of cutting down my winter runs, I’m proud of how well I did.

IMG_3163  IMG_3156

What was really cool about this race was that I got a text message when I hit the halfway point. It was perfect since I was listening to music on my iPhone (Does that mean I’m not a real runner? Maybe.). I also came in 6th in my age group; this wasn’t a huge feat since there were only 588 participants (I placed 71st… top 12 percent, what up!). It was definitely a small race in a small town (my college town) and few students participated since there was a big fest the day before. Many runners traveled from Columbus, Cincinnati or Cleveland, and I’m sure many of them felt they could PR on the flat course. Oh, Ohio. I will miss your flat trails, that’s for sure.


Angela met me around 7:30 that morning… thankfully I had some support that early! This is no easy concept for college students, and to be awake that early on a Sunday, no less. I was super grateful.

The course went 6.5 miles down our town’s bike path and then turned around. Nothing too exciting, but it was neat because this is the trail I endlessly trained on last year for the Pittsburgh Half and this year too. Familiarity was good to me!

Finished with a painful 1.5 laps around the track, though. It reminded me of the 800 meter run in high school. Ouch. But it was all worth it and I’m so proud of myself for cranking through another round of training. Maybe I’ll run a half in DC this summer when I’m there! I am salty about missing the Nike Women’s Half Series this weekend, but let’s not talk about it. I want to cherish this race in my college town.

I didn’t run for a solid week after the race. My body needed the healing (besides a light 3 mile jog the following Wednesday). Yoga and pilates were my friends for sure. I’m ready to jump back in, though!

 How’d you do on your second half marathon (or first?!) How do you recover from your races?

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9 thoughts on “Athens (Ohio) Half Marathon Recap

  1. Wow, such great things happening!!! Okay, first, I gotta say, you’re just too cutie pie!!! You are one gorgeous girl!!! Adorable outfits, too!! ;) Nice PR!!!! You rock!!!

  2. That is so awesome. Just so awesome. I really want to come back and run this race at my alma mater. When I was at OU I ran on that trail so often, but never even knew about the marathon/half. Maybe I can run it next year. That would be amazing. Congrats on your PR!!! Nice job and cool medal too!

  3. Hey! I just came by your blog while browsing different fitness pins… Congrats on your second half and PR! I find it ironic/exciting that you blog about my passions and you went to OU (I am from NY but now live/work at the College of Wooster.) I will have to put this race on my list for the future.

    I read your about me section but I think it said 2013…so if you’re graduating this year, congrats on that and good luck in NYC. If your internship was last summer, then I hope it was a blast!

    • Hi! Ahh I’m so happy to hear from another Bobcat. So cool. You will definitely have to run the Athens Half one year… it will bring back tons of memories! And thanks for the kind words, I did just graduate! Great blog, stay in touch. :)

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